Ecommerce Distribution

Ifs Distributors offers complete e-commerce marketing and sales solutions.

We purchase your product from you in order to sell into our retail partners that you’ve approved us to sell to. You approve MAP pricing, product descriptions and images to use; we handle the rest.

E-commerce distribution management services include:

  • Manage relationship with the buyer for each channel
  • Set up products with Internet retailers.
  • Marketplace optimization
  • Video product demonstrations include directing and scripting components, acquiring talent, managing video development and final editing concepts.
  • Offer expert promotional planning services.
  • Pay you
Their performance speaks for itself, IFS lined up a deal to sell approx 3,000 units over the course of just a few business days! They are an integral part of our business & we value our relationship immensely."
Dave Christiansen
VP Online, Ecoscraps Inc.
The process to add new brands is quite extensive. By having a relationship with a current vendor already in-tact, it’s easy for us to work together to get things done fast. Whether it’s new product additions, content additions, shipping issues, and more, adding new product from existing vendors versus setting up new ones is definitely the way to go."
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